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Log Rolling

1hr 30min | $150

Master the Roll! We're bringing the incredible Canadian heritage sport of log rolling, right to your dock. Includes on dock and on water instruction from certified log roll instructors on the amazing Key Log Roll!


Ski Instruction

1hr | $250

Have us come to your dock with one of two world competition ski boats. The fleet consists of a Nautique G21 for surfing and a Nautique 200 for ski/barefoot. The boats are  paired with 2 instructors and top of the line equipment for anything behind the boat.  

Instructor Only Ski

1hr | $125

Own your own boat and equipment? Want to improve your own skills, or learn with your friends and family? Book now for 2 professional drivers and instructors for all your behind the boat water sport needs! 


I/O Ski Pack   | 3 for $350 or 5 for $575
Roll Pack   | 3 for $425 or 5 for $700
Dock Party | Please Contact
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